SIA Specialty Infusion and Wellness Spa

SIA is a comprehensive healthcare solution for chronically ill, wellness and preventative minded individuals, and those pharmacies that seek to better serve the needs of the patients in their communities.  Through SIA’s state of the art, warm and inviting specialty infusion apothecary and wellness center it will create a “spa” like experience that will prove to be more inviting for those individuals seeking wellness treatments and transform the chronically ill patient’s attitudes towards the rigors of their ongoing treatments.  It will help to humanize the experience and alleviate some of the anxiety and stigmas typically associated with these procedures which are intended to lead to better adherence and healthier outcomes.

SIA’s unique approach will also offer other therapeutic treatments administered during medical infusion treatments to enhance the overall experience.  As part of addressing growing health concerns, it is not only important to reactively treat these chronic illnesses; but also, to begin educating individuals and promoting wellness health regimens proactively.  Through this commitment to each patient’s on-going well-being, SIA will differentiate itself engendering brand loyalty for many years to come.



Store Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5PM by appointment only

Suite 304