H&H Bagels (Coming Soon)

Blue Circle, New York City at the Top. H&H Bagels at the Center. Established 1972 at the bottom.

H&H Bagels was founded in New York City in 1972. For 50 years, we have used our original recipe and the same artisanal water bagel method to make our bagels — the same today as our very first day.

Our bagels start with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients sourced from around the world. Then they are proofed, kettle-boiled, bathed in cold water, and oven baked. Our original recipe and traditional process is what makes our bagels “Like No Other Bagel in the World”.

H&H Bagels has been featured in many television shows and movies including Seinfeld, The Office, You’ve Got Mail, Sex and the City, How I Met Your Mother, Entourage, Manhattan Murder Mystery, and Boy Meets Girl.